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Reserve at Lewy Wine Bistro Potsdam
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The Lewy | Feel good & forget the time

The Lewy Wine Bistro is located in the historic city center of Potsdam, in the immediate vicinity of Brandenburger Straße - Potsdam's promenade. The house was built in the course of the 2nd Baroque expansion of the city in 1739. The name "Lewy" comes from a Jewish family, in whose possession this house was from the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 1930s.

Ambience in the style of a brasserie. Anyone who enters the Lewy can feel it immediately: joie de vivre. There is a lot of laughter and celebration at Lewy. In summer, a chat on our terrace with a view of Brandenburger Straße is almost like theater. And if you leave happier than you came, then that is both a joy and a task for us.

What goes into the glass

The world of wine is huge. In order not to get lost in this world, we limit ourselves to wines from Germany, Italy and France. That's thick enough!

We always have at least 20 different wines on tap. This gives you the chance to try many different wines. And for beer drinkers, we carry BIO beers from the Forsthaus Templin brewery and the Heidenpeters microbrewery from X-Berg.

What goes on the plate

The question of our kitchen style is difficult to answer. You could perhaps put it this way: we cook from Paris to Moscow. Our cuisine is influenced by many nations. Italian, French, German and Russian influences we let merge again and again.

When selecting our products, we rely on professional partners. We know the butcher in South Tyrol who supplies us with the wonderful South Tyrolean bacon just as well as our cheese supplier for the Trentino mountain cheese or for our wild. We obtain many fresh products directly from the region. This gives us the opportunity to offer you freshly prepared, seasonal dishes.

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